Espliego is an aromatic plant used already by the Iberians for its aroma and relaxing effects. The flowers of purple and blue color hold a spectacular beauty. 

The Espliego room faces the Southern part of the house, with a bedroom that was the old sewing room where grandmothers made their work by taking advantage of the afternoon sun. And today, you can rock in the chair looking toward the hermitage of Calvario where the lavender shrubs grow, for which the cierzo deposits its smell in the room.


  • 2 beds of 90 cm, nightstand and nightlight.
  • Wardrobe with hangers and drawer.
  • Central heating powered by biomass and supported with diesel fuel.
  • Bulbs of low consumption and green kilowatts from Spanish renewable energy.
  • Free Wifi connection.
  • Complete bathroom with shower, towels and hand soap.
  • 16M2 of surface + bathroom.
  • Possibility of adding an extra bed or cot.
  • Space for relaxing or reading.

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