Some colors help people to feel certain emotions. The mauve color creates a feeling of friendliness, kindness, love and compassion. The word derives from malazos mauve, which in Greek means soothing.

The Malva room, faces the front of La Ojinegra, has a wide dressing room wide like in fairytales. Is the room closest to the tower of the church, it is just like being in heaven.


  • 2 beds of 90 cm, nightstand and nightlight.
  • Wardrobe with hangers and drawer.
  • Central heating powered by biomass and supported with diesel fuel.
  • Balcony to main facade
  • Bulbs of low consumption and green kilowatts from Spanish renewable energy.
  • Free Wifi connection.
  • Complete bathroom with shower, towels and hand soap.
  • 22M2 of surface + bathroom.
  • Possibility of adding two extra beds or cot.
  • Space for relaxing or reading.

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