Ecological Restaurant

El Morral de la Ojinegra is an ecological restaurant where we elaborate dishes with certified organic ingredients, from local producers and fair trade, with a decided commitment for a healthy, natural cuisine.​

Although there is a tendency to associate ecological with vegetarian, it is not our case, in our menu elaborate dishes appear with animal ingredients, always duly certified as organic that help the consumer to ensure and to identify the provenance.


Organic foods are the flavor of the authentic, are quality foods that promote our health, it is also a powerful tool to improve part of the reality that surrounds us, and therefore ensure a better future for the upcoming generations.

Ecological farming, organic or biological, define a farming system that through the use of conservative and/or breeders techniques of the soil and the ecosystem, are able to obtain highest nutritional and sensorial quality food, respecting the environment without the use of synthetic chemicals.

The concept of organic farming also includes the livestock sector. In this case, similar principles are applied, and in particular, the organic farming does not use antibiotics or growth hormones and tries to be a more environmentally friendly alternative to the industrial farm system. Finally, attempts to improve the welfare of the animals with a healthier diet (natural feed) and also taking into account the conditions of the place in which they are kept.