Restaurant Km0

The eco-cooks of the network of restaurants Km0 of Slow Food, we reinforce the food communities dialoguing and collaborating with producers that comprise them, and this way, whose sustainable farming practices ensure a great biodiversity and therefore contribute to food security.

El Morral de La Ojinegra along with producers is fighting against the abandonment of the traditional gastronomic cultures.
Criteria for a dish to be considered "kilometer 0 ":
  • A 40 % of the ingredients must be local, including the main ingredient. This implies that the restaurant buy directly from the producer, and this has produced them from less than 100 kilometers away.
  • The 60 % of the remaining ingredients must belong to the Arca del Gusto or be Baluartes or have ecological certification.
  • No dish could have transgenic foods or animals that have eaten genetically modified
Within the general philosophy of Slow Food to consume products and work with GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR, we agree: 
  • Reducing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere produced by the transport of food.
  • Divulge the products of the Arca del Gusto and Baluartes of Slow Food.
  • Promote the consumption of local products, county or even territorial.
  • Encourage the direct sale of these products from the small producer to the consumer or restaurants and/or canteens.
Actions to be carried out in El Morral de la Ojinegra: 
  • We indicate in the menu, next to each dish, the Slow Food products graphically through the logo of "Km 0"
  • We document and train to inform the customers about the concept of Slow Food and "Km 0 ".
  • We separate the waste properly for a later recycling.
  • We carry out activities to raise awareness and promotion for divulging Arca del Gusto and Baluartes products of the of Slow Food.
  • We favor the consumption of local and regional products to publicize our eco-producers

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